Gallaudet students from various departments came together for a virtual student-professional networking event earlier this month – the annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) conference. Topics of discussion included navigating early intervention through multicultural lens, benefits of a family-centered intervention, and identifying autism along with hearing loss. It was an opportunity for Gallaudet students to become involved in essential programs that affect Deaf children across the country.

Rosa Lee Timm, E-’97, presented on how one navigates the early intervention system through a multicultural lens. EDHI also held a poster competition. Gallaudet student Samantha Espinol won second place in the student category. Her poster was about the co-occurence of autism and hearing loss and how to address delays.

91 and Clerc Center are committed to quality early intervention for Deaf children by providing language access, and the participation by Gallaudet students only underscores their commitment. EHDI has promoted best practices for early intervention but at the same time, discusses key areas of concern just like Rosa Lee Timm discussed in the conference.

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